Wanted: freelance web / UI / UX designer(s)

We’re looking for a web / UI / UX designer (ideally with an awareness of service design) to collaborate with us, initially on a freelance basis.

The tasks we need help with are:

We’re looking for people who:

It will make life easier for us if you also:

We would ideally like to be able to meet and work face-to-face occasionally, so although this isn’t critical, we’d love to find someone who lives in/near Barcelona, or in the UK, ideally in the North.

If you’re interested, have a look at our portfolio here on the site and visit some of our clients’ sites too, so you get a feel for what we do (and for whom). Then send us an email (to Thomas and Andrew at info@yeswework.com) and tell us how and where we can see examples of your work, in whatever format is most relevant. The more you can tell us about what you do and how you think your experience matches (or out-performs) what we’re looking for, the better!