We help you structure information, then present it clearly, appropriately and accurately – online and in print – to the people who matter most.

Our design and code facilitate collaboration and communication, make your work more effective, and your audience’s time more fruitful.

Our expertise is in editorial, cultural, academic and social projects, but however you’re making the world better, we take your priorities seriously.

What we do

Examples of our work

Case study — design and development of a sustainable news platform for small editorial teams

Even we were quite suprised at the variety of (good-looking and well-organised) homepage layouts that can be put together quickly using a small set of building blocks mixed with a limited number of presets for element order, colour, font and alignment.

Inside the site, responsivity, colour coding of section elements and optional CSS-only image filters give a technical rationale to a retro-inspired design. With WordPress 5’s Block Editor, the team can preview and tweak changes as they edit.

Case study — WordPress plugins for collaborative editing and accountable publishing

Initiated by Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales, WikiTribune aims to ‘fix the news’ by combining the work of a professional editorial team with contributions from citizen journalists who can help to eliminate bias and error.

The project requires a fine balance of freedom, trust and accountability, and we helped WikiTribune to extend WordPress’s native functionality to:

  1. allow many people to open the same article for editing at the same time
  2. give professional editors control over publication of edits

The plugins we developed allowed WikiTribune to launch ahead of the competition, and have now been open-sourced to help other civic media organisations, community journalism projects and multi-author WP sites.

Case study — Multilingual B2B & B2C websites with custom functionality, integrated with enterprise systems

We’ve worked — ¡en español! — with Penguin Random House on over ten websites and web applications including:

The publisher’s corporate / B2B website for Spain, Portugal and Latin America

A book review platform that allows readers / influencers in 7 countries to request early review copies. It has generated 4,500+ reviews.

Plugins, tools and APIs to connect enterprise systems and simplify workflows

Case study — Consistent, authoritative design for books, report templates and data visualisations

For seven years, we’ve designed Resolution Foundation’s major reports. We also created InDesign and Office templates to allow them to produce official documents cost effectively in-house.

“a brightly coloured chartfest of post-recession misery”
— Dan McCrum (ft.com)

Other RF projects include interactive data visualisations that improved access to insights and policy suggestions.

We’ve done similar work for Citizens Advice, the Royal Academy of Engineering and Centre for Cities.

Case study — Functional, practical websites for intelligent audiencies

We design, build and manage the websites of cultural organisations including British Archaeological Association, Hellenic Centre, London Art History Society, UK Jewish Film.

For multi-author, editorial WordPress sites like these, we make tools that provide a better overview of content and activity, allowing clients, new members of staff, and occasional contributors to keep a website up-to-date.

Some of the sites we’ve built are ten years old, and still working well; we don’t do throwaway, and we favour elegance and usefulness over trends.

Case study — Design that’s fit for context and purpose

We’re proud to work for organisations and people who are making a significant positive contribution to their field of expertise.

Charlie Goldsmith Associates build the ‘nuts and bolts’ of public administration systems in countries such as South Sudan, and we’ve learnt a lot about ethics and goals from them. Although we designed a complete identity and website for CGA, the most important things we help them with are probably the PowerPoint presentations and Word documents that help win projects.

Dr Ruth Graham is changing higher education by getting universities to promote academics on their teaching rather than just their research, to the benefit of students and society. For Dr Graham, we design diagrams that help convince universities to adopt her proposals and frameworks, and reports that transmit her knowledge accurately to the most useful people.