A platform for sustainable journalism / editorial publishing


In conjunction with the team at Byline Times, we are currently developing an editorial platform based on WordPress. Consisting of a suite of layout and workflow tools, its aims are to:

  • make it easy and fast for an individual journalist or a small editorial team to set up and run a digital-first news publication
  • not drain financial resources
  • provide design / layout flexibility for writers and editors, without introducing technical complexity
  • aid the editorial flow from draft to publication, between multiple users
  • reduce the distractions in writing, editing and publishing

We recently discussed and demonstrated this project in a live Q&A with Birgit Pauli-Haack, the editor of Gutenberg Times:

If you’d like to hear more or make suggestions, please email us to say hi at newsplatform@yeswework.com

Additionally, we will be discussing our ideas in a round-table workshop each day at the Byline Festival from 23-26 August 2019, so please join us there!

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