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Byline Times

Design and development of a newspaper website

Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial

Corporate / B2B website for Spain, Portugal and Latin America

London Art History Society

Collaborative website for a volunteer-run society

Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial

Market research website integrated with campaign tools

Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial

Publisher’s CRM-type site for book reviewers / literary bloggers

Charlie Goldsmith Associates

Visual identity and custom website for a consultancy to governments in fragile countries

UK Jewish Film

Complex website grouping festivals, screenings and an archive for a cultural film event organiser

David Martin Jones

Academic bibliography with filters, search and term highlighting

British Archaeological Association

Website and forum for an archaeological association

Zurich Salon

Branding and website for a debate and discussion salon in Switzerland

Charlie Pye Smith

Custom website for an author and journalist

Centre for Cities

Responsive website for a UK campaign group in the run-up to the general election

Atlantic Productions

Website for a BBC / David Attenborough TV series

Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial

Thematic book / e-book / audiobook sales campaign website

Astrid & Rudolf

Single-page website for a boutique wallpaper company

Neel Mukherjee

Website for a Booker-nominated author

Jenni Muir / Nourish

Better usability for online recipes

Resolution Foundation

Data-led 200-page book and website for a UK social investigation

Comprehensive Future

Website for a UK education campaign group

Clink Hostels

Multilingual, responsive Drupal website for a large hostel group

Optimago Media

Visual identity and portfolio website for a TV production company

DS Fit

Website and SEO for a local personal trainer

Simon Callaghan

Website for a classical musician

Jeev Architecture

Multilingual website for a Spanish firm of architects

Resolution Foundation

Interactive data tools and website for a social and economic investigation


Multilingual product catalogue website for a photographic manufacturer

Piatti Quartet

Website for a classical music quartet

Will Gatti / Daniel Finn

Two-sided website for a children’s author

UK Jewish Film

Bilingual brand and website for cultural film festival in Switzerland

Rose Walker

Website for an academic historian

Ampersand Learning

Website for a UK primary education consultant

Local Schools Network

Social/community website for a UK education campaign

PORT magazine

Website for a UK men’s magazine


Map-based website for a video cityguide

Hamilton Weston

Innovative catalogue website for a wallpaper designer

Furnace TV

Website for a TV production company

Badke Quartet

Website for a classical music ensemble

Paul Seaman

Website for a PR consultant

Atlantic Productions

Website for a David Attenborough TV series

Susie Hamilton

Portfolio website for an artist