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Byline Times Design of a print newspaper
Finding an aesthetic that would convey the slight "outsider" status and the editorial position of Byline Times meant designing something that was newspaper-esque, yet magazine-y, and somehow almost "homemade". We're told that big newspapers, especially the dailies, wouldn't dream of using InDesign for their layouts... but we do, and it allows the editorial team themselves to do the initial layout of stories quickly and for us to tweak them fairly fast, and to a contained budget.
BBC Radio1, New Slang Media Presentation of research into radio, streaming and music sales
Reports designed to make data- and statistic-heavy findings engaging to a professional radio and music industry audience.
Citizens Advice Report layout and information/chart design for a consumer advice organisation
Design and lay-out of 80-page report, including 'prettification' or more substantial reinterpretation of multiple charts, and section-head illustrations
Zurich Salon Event flyer for both web and print
A flyer to promote Zurich Salon's inaugural event, on the subject of neuroscience, with versions for print and email.
Clink Hostels Pitch document for a hostel group’s presentation to Amsterdam city council
Collaborated with Clink's directors and project managers on a brochure to present ideas for a large ho(s)tel in a prestige premises in Amsterdam to the Mayor of the city.
Clink Hostels Document and package design for an award submission
In 2011, 2012 and 2013, we worked closely and frantically with Clink to produce submissions documents for a major UK youth travel award. In both 2012 and 2013, Clink won the award.
Resolution Foundation Data-led 200-page book and website for a UK social investigation
Design of infographic-heavy annual report summing up socio-economic trends for UK households. For simultaneous publication as a downloadable PDF and in a standalone minisite, to a very tight deadline.
Resolution Foundation Book layout and chart design for the Commission on Living Standards final report
Design of data-rich report into socio-economic trends for UK think-tank. For simultaneous publication as 200-page perfect-bound B5 book, home-printable A4 PDF, and in special iPad and Kindle versions