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Multiple clients Music CD cover artwork
Design work for musicians and bands. pro bono, but not pro Bono
Clink Hostels Identities, posters and invitations for backpacker hostel events
A launch party at Clink Hostels' newest property – ClinkNOORD in Amsterdam – needed a poster to show off the amazing line-up of events organised for the evening. But it was the day before the party :)
Automate Images GmbH Branding and user interface for an automated product photography system
We came up with a simple, short, intuitive (and new) name for a product with a pan-European market. Then we developed a sharp, utilitarian brand image for it, and a touchscreen UI suitable for use with minimal training.
Zurich Salon Branding and website for a debate and discussion salon in Switzerland
Design of a logo and overall visual identity for this modern-age intellectual 'salon' in Zurich, plus design and development of an accompanying website to advertise events
Britain China Retail Forum Brand identity for international trade association
ID and presentation design for an international project during its funding stages.
Zurich Salon Event flyer for both web and print
A flyer to promote Zurich Salon's inaugural event, on the subject of neuroscience, with versions for print and email.
Clink Hostels Document and package design for an award submission
In 2011, 2012 and 2013, we worked closely and frantically with Clink to produce submissions documents for a major UK youth travel award. In both 2012 and 2013, Clink won the award.
Clink Hostels Pictograms for the internal signage of a huge London hostel
Design of internationally recognisable, language-free icons to be used in internal signage at Clink78 - a gargantuan, labyrinthine 7-floor hostel formerly full of lost souls.
Optimago Media Visual identity and portfolio website for a TV production company
Logo design, creation of simple website presenting company info and videos, plus stationery design
Piatti Quartet Logo for a classical music quartet
A logo that reflects the elegance and spirit of one of the UK's leading young string quartets.
Clink Hostels Internal signage for a friendly hostel in London
Design of door signs and internal maps for Clink261 hostel, London
Clink Hostels Irreverent branding and corporate identity for a European backpacker hostel group
Our widest-ranging project yet, covering everything from naming and logos, brand characters, icons, illustrations, stationery and templates to adverts for print and web, brochures and interactive pdfs, merchandise and signage.
UK Jewish Film Bilingual brand and website for cultural film festival in Switzerland
Bilingual festival site with programme, film archive, trailers, social networking and newsletter signup.
OrbitVu Name and brand identity for a photographic manufacturer
First challenge: find a name, internationally relevant to the product and pronounceable without ambiguity. Next, design a logo and several brand extensions.
UN Food and Agriculture Organisation Logo design for an FAO project
Easily interpreted logo for a policy project entitled "Monitoring African Food & Agricultural Policies"
Cantab Nomadic Data Naming and branding for a tech startup
We researched and proposed the naming of the Cambridge University-linked tech venture, and also carried out preliminary branding design work. (The company no longer exists)