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David Martin Jones

Academic bibliography with filters, search and term highlighting

WordPress site built as an easily consulted curriculum and bibliography. We enabled multi-category filtering and combined keyword searching against David Martin Jones' articles, books, speeches and courses, with instant in-page result highlighting, and control over sorting/ordering of results.

filters and searching

DMJ’s three specialist subjects had to have visual priority, and it needed to be easy for his work to be divided between the topics, but his extensive CV can also be categorised and searched in several other ways (by client, year, type of output, and so on), none of which excludes another.

We worked on a multifaceted bibliography list that loads all the (lightweight, normally text-only) entries into the page and then allows the user to fine-tune the visible selection. In-page keyword searching and results ordering add further flexibility.

Designed in collaboration with Monica Castell Sheehy at Ampersen Studio / Pixel Kit.