UI for technical apps, visual identities
Automate Images GmbH

Branding and user interface for an automated product photography system

We came up with a simple, short, intuitive (and new) name for a product with a pan-European market. Then we developed a sharp, utilitarian brand image for it, and a touchscreen UI suitable for use with minimal training.

Imatik name and brand identity

Orbitvu (Poland) acquired Automate Images GmbH (Germany) and asked us to rebrand their packshot hardware; “Automate Images” became “Image + Automatic” became Imatik (available as a .com, almost a Googlewhack, short, memorable, easy to spell and to speak across European target markets).

The logo we created was as hard-edged, geometric and functional as possible, and brand colours and elements were selected to be bold.

Imatik user interface

The principal selling point of the system is that it takes very little technical or photographic training to use on a day-to-day basis; most of the time, the operator only needs to place the next product, enter its SKU / code and then press the UI’s big green button. So the aim of the interface was to allow access to more settings and options, but not at the expense of the impression of simplicity.