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Jenni Muir / Nourish

Better usability for online recipes

We built a website for a food writer and chef, and improved the way you consult a recipe on a device while you're actually cooking at home.

recipe section

We’re both keen cooks, so it was a pleasure to work on a site that allowed us to address a few gripes we had with trying to use recipes on-screen in the kitchen, and the amount of interaction recipe sites seem to demand.

You don’t want oily, wet, floury fingers all over your phone / tablet or to have to zoom, tap, flick between ingredients and method, while everything in the wok is burning or spitting.

On Nourish, we interlaced the ingredients and the method so that you could easily see what you need (and what to do) at each stage of the process. At desktop and tablet sizes, ingredients are on the left, method on the right; on smaller screens, each step’s ingredients precede the method in a single vertical flow. At most, all you need to do is use your one clean knuckle (or your nose at a push) to scroll.