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Resolution Foundation

Data-led 200-page book and website for a UK social investigation

Design of infographic-heavy annual report summing up socio-economic trends for UK households. For simultaneous publication as a downloadable PDF and in a standalone minisite, to a very tight deadline.

The brief

Shortly after working on the Living Standards report for Resolution Foundation, they asked us to work on their annual audit of living conditions for low-to-middle income families in the UK, entitled “Squeezed Britain”. This audit was to present the think tank’s findings and recommendations in a more infographic manner, both as a downloadable pdf and in a minisite.

What we did

We worked to make the key messages of the report easily digestible to a casual reader, while leaving more in-depth information for a detailed analysis of the audit. The design aimed to subvert the patriotic colours of the union jack to highlight the dire economic straits in which much of the UK finds itself.