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Byline Times Design of a print newspaper
Finding an aesthetic that would convey the slight "outsider" status and the editorial position of Byline Times meant designing something that was newspaper-esque, yet magazine-y, and somehow almost "homemade". We're told that big newspapers, especially the dailies, wouldn't dream of using InDesign for their layouts... but we do, and it allows the editorial team themselves to do the initial layout of stories quickly and for us to tweak them fairly fast, and to a contained budget.
books, reports and print document templates2019
Byline Times Design and development of a newspaper website
Distinctive website using WP5's Block Editor to make the editorial team more efficient. A limited set of components, options and automations combines to produce an easily variable, yet very consistent website.
bespoke websites WordPress consultancy2019
R.H. Graham Consulting Presentation design, animation and illustration of icons
Ruth Graham opened the SEFI2018 conference in Denmark, and we designed her presentation and helped devise ways of structuring and explaining key information, as well as ensuring uniformity of design between slides.
information architecture PowerPoint presentations2018
WikiTribune Development of editorial tools for a collaborative news platform
New collaborative editing, revision tracking, moderation and editorial approval workflows for Jimmy Wales' "radically open" journalism project.
open-source plugins WordPress consultancy2017
Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial Corporate / B2B website for Spain, Portugal and Latin America
Spanish-language custom WordPress site for Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial, covering business-to-business information on subsidiaries, publishing imprints, foreign rights catalogue, management news and updates, jobs and careers.
bespoke websites information architecture multilingual2017
London Art History Society Collaborative website for a volunteer-run society
WordPress + ACF website allowing easy updates by a volunteer committee of the London Art History Society, and well-organised calendar of events and content to attract new members.
bespoke websites information architecture WordPress consultancy2017
Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial Market research website integrated with campaign tools
Online market research website, integrated with survey software, the publisher's CRM and their campaign/marketing tools.
bespoke websites multilingual WordPress consultancy2017
Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial Publisher’s CRM-type site for book reviewers / literary bloggers
Public-facing website, registration process integrated with Selligent, and custom back-end functionality for campaign management and analysis.
bespoke websites information architecture WordPress consultancy2016
Multiple clients Music CD cover artwork
Design work for musicians and bands. pro bono, but not pro Bono
visual identities2016
Charlie Goldsmith Associates Visual identity and custom website for a consultancy to governments in fragile countries
Website design and development to highlight projects, staff, functional areas and local coverage.
bespoke websites2016
BBC Radio1, New Slang Media Presentation of research into radio, streaming and music sales
Reports designed to make data- and statistic-heavy findings engaging to a professional radio and music industry audience.
books, reports and print charts and data-viz2016
Clink Hostels Identities, posters and invitations for backpacker hostel events
A launch party at Clink Hostels' newest property – ClinkNOORD in Amsterdam – needed a poster to show off the amazing line-up of events organised for the evening. But it was the day before the party :)
visual identities2016
UK Jewish Film Complex website grouping festivals, screenings and an archive for a cultural film event organiser
Full design and development of a website presenting many intricately interlinked types of information, including festivals, films, screenings, guest appearances
bespoke websites WordPress consultancy2016
Automate Images GmbH Branding and user interface for an automated product photography system
We came up with a simple, short, intuitive (and new) name for a product with a pan-European market. Then we developed a sharp, utilitarian brand image for it, and a touchscreen UI suitable for use with minimal training.
UI for technical apps visual identities2016
David Martin Jones Academic bibliography with filters, search and term highlighting
WordPress site built as an easily consulted curriculum and bibliography. We enabled multi-category filtering and combined keyword searching against David Martin Jones' articles, books, speeches and courses, with instant in-page result highlighting, and control over sorting/ordering of results.
bespoke websites WordPress consultancy2016
Citizens Advice Report layout and information/chart design for a consumer advice organisation
Design and lay-out of 80-page report, including 'prettification' or more substantial reinterpretation of multiple charts, and section-head illustrations
books, reports and print charts and data-viz2015
British Archaeological Association Website and forum for an archaeological association
Complete website design and build, with special attention on translating a complex hierarchy of information into an intuitive, elegant and enjoyable user experience
bespoke websites WordPress consultancy2015
Zurich Salon Branding and website for a debate and discussion salon in Switzerland
Design of a logo and overall visual identity for this modern-age intellectual 'salon' in Zurich, plus design and development of an accompanying website to advertise events
bespoke websites visual identities2015
Charlie Pye Smith Custom website for an author and journalist
Design and code of a clear, simple, text-led responsive website to present medium-long articles in a comfortably readable manner, that also brings their geographic locations to the fore.
bespoke websites2014
Centre for Cities Responsive website for a UK campaign group in the run-up to the general election
Think Cities was a forum for broadcasting and debating recommendations for political parties' policies for urban areas in the lead up to the 2015 election. We designed and built the site and advised on information architecture, to ensure the best experience for readers and to help keep them on the site.
bespoke websites information architecture WordPress consultancy2014
Britain China Retail Forum Brand identity for international trade association
ID and presentation design for an international project during its funding stages.
PowerPoint presentations visual identities2014
Zurich Salon Event flyer for both web and print
A flyer to promote Zurich Salon's inaugural event, on the subject of neuroscience, with versions for print and email.
books, reports and print visual identities2014
Atlantic Productions Website for a BBC / David Attenborough TV series
Design and development of image and video-rich website for the celebrated presenter's latest outing – our third time working on a website for one of his programmes, following Flying Monsters 3D and the earlier First Life
bespoke websites2014
Clink Hostels Pitch document for a hostel group’s presentation to Amsterdam city council
Collaborated with Clink's directors and project managers on a brochure to present ideas for a large ho(s)tel in a prestige premises in Amsterdam to the Mayor of the city.
books, reports and print2014
Clink Hostels Document and package design for an award submission
In 2011, 2012 and 2013, we worked closely and frantically with Clink to produce submissions documents for a major UK youth travel award. In both 2012 and 2013, Clink won the award.
books, reports and print visual identities2014
Clink Hostels Pictograms for the internal signage of a huge London hostel
Design of internationally recognisable, language-free icons to be used in internal signage at Clink78 - a gargantuan, labyrinthine 7-floor hostel formerly full of lost souls.
visual identities2014
Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial Thematic book / e-book / audiobook sales campaign website
Design and development of sales campaign site, and illustrative proposal for summer reading campaign, for the Spanish/Latin-American division of Penguin Random House
bespoke websites2014
Astrid & Rudolf Single-page website for a boutique wallpaper company
One-page site design to show Astrid & Rudolf's range of three wallpapers (and colour variants) and the romantic background story of the designs, along with stockist and press information
bespoke websites2014
Neel Mukherjee Website for a Booker-nominated author
Minimal site design giving precedence to the written word, and its subsequent development as a bespoke WordPress template
bespoke websites2014
Jenni Muir / Nourish Better usability for online recipes
We built a website for a food writer and chef, and improved the way you consult a recipe on a device while you're actually cooking at home.
bespoke websites information architecture UI for technical apps2014
Resolution Foundation Data-led 200-page book and website for a UK social investigation
Design of infographic-heavy annual report summing up socio-economic trends for UK households. For simultaneous publication as a downloadable PDF and in a standalone minisite, to a very tight deadline.
bespoke websites books, reports and print charts and data-viz2013
Comprehensive Future Website for a UK education campaign group
Redesign of existing brand and site, with clearer focus on new visitors
bespoke websites2013
Clink Hostels Multilingual, responsive Drupal website for a large hostel group
Multilingual, SEO-friendly, responsive, engaging website for leading London hostel group
bespoke websites multilingual2013
Optimago Media Visual identity and portfolio website for a TV production company
Logo design, creation of simple website presenting company info and videos, plus stationery design
bespoke websites visual identities2012
Resolution Foundation Book layout and chart design for the Commission on Living Standards final report
Design of data-rich report into socio-economic trends for UK think-tank. For simultaneous publication as 200-page perfect-bound B5 book, home-printable A4 PDF, and in special iPad and Kindle versions
books, reports and print charts and data-viz2012
DS Fit Website and SEO for a local personal trainer
Brochure site with services, prices, team profiles and photos, search-engine optimised with great success
bespoke websites2012
Piatti Quartet Logo for a classical music quartet
A logo that reflects the elegance and spirit of one of the UK's leading young string quartets.
visual identities2012
Simon Callaghan Website for a classical musician
Quick refresh of existing design, increased social network integration
bespoke websites WordPress consultancy2012
Jeev Architecture Multilingual website for a Spanish firm of architects
Multilingual, multiplatform site showcasing image-rich portfolio. Dynamic projects section allows quick browsing by category, while a fluid design maximises the visual impact on large screens
bespoke websites multilingual2012
Clink Hostels Internal signage for a friendly hostel in London
Design of door signs and internal maps for Clink261 hostel, London
visual identities2012
Resolution Foundation Interactive data tools and website for a social and economic investigation
Data-rich site with interactive features to help users understand the key issues, alongside other graphs and charts, plus downloadable publications and other useful resources.
bespoke websites charts and data-viz2012
OrbitVu Multilingual product catalogue website for a photographic manufacturer
Product brochure site detailing hardware, software and combined kits, plus related services. Homepage slideshow explains the product; clear site structure helps users find which bits they need. Client's own presentation software tightly integrated with content-management system.
bespoke websites multilingual2012
Piatti Quartet Website for a classical music quartet
Classical string quartet's site with up-to-date concert diary, photo galleries, music player, biographies, press pack, news and more
bespoke websites2012
Clink Hostels Irreverent branding and corporate identity for a European backpacker hostel group
Our widest-ranging project yet, covering everything from naming and logos, brand characters, icons, illustrations, stationery and templates to adverts for print and web, brochures and interactive pdfs, merchandise and signage.
visual identities2011
Will Gatti / Daniel Finn Two-sided website for a children’s author
A clever design solution to a peculiar case of split personality. Book info, author info, news and more, made beautiful with illustrations by Tom Smith
bespoke websites2011
UK Jewish Film Bilingual brand and website for cultural film festival in Switzerland
Bilingual festival site with programme, film archive, trailers, social networking and newsletter signup.
bespoke websites visual identities2011
Rose Walker Website for an academic historian
Elegant, clean, quick-loading and easily-managed site
bespoke websites information architecture2011
Ampersand Learning Website for a UK primary education consultant
Corporate ID based on hand-drawn and hand-written elements; website using CSS3 (with fallbacks for older browsers) to enliven simple, clear content; easy-to-manage document templates for print material.
bespoke websites document templates2011
Local Schools Network Social/community website for a UK education campaign
Online-community site for topical discussion and debate (based on BuddyPress platform). Designed and built in two weeks flat. Now a highly-trafficked and successful website, which we've continued to adapt as its contents and community evolve
bespoke websites information architecture2011
PORT magazine Website for a UK men’s magazine
Online version of prestigious new men's magazine. Literary and audiovisual content spanning different categories. Fluid grid allowing video and image content to be shown as large as possible. Commenting and social networking features. Ongoing development in close collaboration with the magazine designers and editorial staff
bespoke websites2011
CityBlink Map-based website for a video cityguide
Original 'one-page' web application concept, seamlessly integrating interactive city map and scrollable gallery into an intuitive and effortless system for browsing videos. Ongoing iterative development, newer features include and integration plus social networking/sharing and commenting functionality
bespoke websites multilingual2011
OrbitVu Name and brand identity for a photographic manufacturer
First challenge: find a name, internationally relevant to the product and pronounceable without ambiguity. Next, design a logo and several brand extensions.
visual identities2011
Hamilton Weston Innovative catalogue website for a wallpaper designer
The best-looking, most user-friendly wallpaper catalogue on the internet
bespoke websites2011
Furnace TV Website for a TV production company
Video-centric production portfolio with striking visuals, integrated widescreen showreels and super-easy content-management facilities
bespoke websites2011
Badke Quartet Website for a classical music ensemble
Smart, elegant website with diary, biographies, photos and audio, described by the director of the prestigious Verbier Festival as “incredibly beautiful ... astonishingly good … a model to show other people”
bespoke websites2011
Paul Seaman Website for a PR consultant
Blog redesign for this highly respected PR, involving a broad update of his corporate image, addition of social features, plus a portfolio of downloadable PDF essays, also designed by us
bespoke websites2011
Atlantic Productions Website for a David Attenborough TV series
Informational and promotional site for BAFTA-winning 3D documentary on prehistoric flying animals – with embedded video, historical data, photo galleries, cinema listings and more
bespoke websites2011
UN Food and Agriculture Organisation Logo design for an FAO project
Easily interpreted logo for a policy project entitled "Monitoring African Food & Agricultural Policies"
visual identities2011
Susie Hamilton Portfolio website for an artist
Full-screen, full-bleed showcase of a glorious portfolio of paintings, drawings and digital artwork
bespoke websites2011
Cantab Nomadic Data Naming and branding for a tech startup
We researched and proposed the naming of the Cambridge University-linked tech venture, and also carried out preliminary branding design work. (The company no longer exists)
visual identities2010
Spidi Web design proposal with improved information architecture
First-draft graphic and IA proposal for an Italian motorcycle equipment manufacturer
information architecture multilingual2009